Day 2

Still here…

The intention today was to switch the workout from the evening to the morning, however didn’t get to bed until midnight and couldn’t sleep because my body – in particular my feet were too cold.  I’ve put this down to cooling myself too quickly following my workout.  So I worked out in the evening.  and am trying to get to bed early enough so my body can recover from this evening’s workout, in time to do a morning session before work.

So today I completed cardio for 1 hour.  Did well, not quite as strong as yesterday (only 204 calories burned) but the point is that I kept on and on for 1 hour.  I also got an additional 20 mins at least from walking between two venues today and walking round an exhibition.

Here’s a pic of me in my suit today – this is my “big” suit.  I’m pretty confident that if I keep going, it’ll be hanging off me come 21 days.

Camera 360

I covered another 6.3km today during the hour on the cross trainer. Feeling really good, just have to be careful to replace electrolytes during and after my workout.




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