Day 4 – Defeating Obstacles

Today was not an easy day, but I learned a lot and actually accomplished more by simply finding ways to get on with my exercise when I was not that well.  I intended to wake early and go to the gym for an hour.  I woke up and something just didn’t feel right, I was queasy, so I lay in bed for another half hour before I decided to take a pain killer for the growing pain in my stomach.

An hour later and I had missed my usual gym slot, but was feeling decidedly better.  I was determined to do something so I decided to walk as fast as I could for half an hour and so the same in the evening to make up the 1 hour exercise.  I downloaded a new app to help me track my walk pulled on my jogging bottoms and a fleece and got on with it.  App: Map My Walk.

It was cold out there but I felt great that even though I felt a bit sick I’d still exercised.  I went to work as normal, intending to do another half hour when I got home at 5.  On the way home, there was a serious accident on the motorway so I didn’t get home until nearly 8pm.  I was starving, late but again, I just got on with it after I fed myself.  The result is that I was faster in the evening than I was in the morning and so got more done in total.

Unless I’m literally bed bound and really sick, there’s always something I can do to fit my exercise in:

Day 4 Screen Capture 2


I covered 7.44 km simply walking around the city versus the usual 6.4km on the cross trainer.

I saw the city and breathed fresh (ish) air

I enjoyed myself immensely!

I’m off to fill in my food diary 🙂


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