Day 5 – My Way

Got up (eventually) and found my way to the gym.  I was still thinking about how much I enjoyed my walks yesterday and how much more I accomplished by adapting to the way my body felt, while not skipping my commitment when I feel below par.  Hopped on the cross trainer and worked out for a total of 40 mins instead of the usual 1 hour.  I did this for 3 reasons:

  1. My legs were still tired from the walking; it’s actually that much harder than the cross trainer because you change direction, the muscles get more of a workout because pavements aren’t flat, a road may be hilly
  2. I enjoyed the walk so much that I want to do it again and maybe take some pictures, so I was happy to reserve the remaining 20 mins of daily exercise quota for a good walk
  3. I like the idea that I’m now listening to my body rather than sticking rigidly to a schedule.  It’s staying interesting and it’s working.

I’m still logging all of my food and looking forward to weighing and taking my measurements on Sunday.  Good things are a-foot!


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