Day 12 – Halfway There

I’m halfway through my 21 days!!!  I am loving this challenge 🙂

It’s been a cool day today.  Went out for breakfast and had a very healthy eggs benedict with ham, then came home and just chilled out.  Went for an evening walk for an hour and covered 6.44 km.  I love being outdoors and look forward to getting my daily dose of fresh air.  I don’t really feel like going back to the gym at all, but I think I should as I’ll be able to push myself harder on the cross trainer.  (I have to keep my exercise low impact due to an old skiing injury to my knee, so I cannot run for long periods on the hard pavements).  Tomorrow I’m going to walk in one of the city centre parks – I think I’ll reward myself with a coffee or a glass of wine.

Diet-wise I’m doing well; though I haven’t logged my calories in a couple of days as the app I’m using seems to struggle when the mobile phone signal is low.  It’s been more than a bit frustrating. All in all, I’m doing a good job.  Just got to get on with these assignments, from blogging 201.


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