Day 5 – My Way

Got up (eventually) and found my way to the gym.  I was still thinking about how much I enjoyed my walks yesterday and how much more I accomplished by adapting to the way my body felt, while not skipping my commitment when I feel below par.  Hopped on the cross trainer and worked out for a total of 40 mins instead of the usual 1 hour.  I did this for 3 reasons:

  1. My legs were still tired from the walking; it’s actually that much harder than the cross trainer because you change direction, the muscles get more of a workout because pavements aren’t flat, a road may be hilly
  2. I enjoyed the walk so much that I want to do it again and maybe take some pictures, so I was happy to reserve the remaining 20 mins of daily exercise quota for a good walk
  3. I like the idea that I’m now listening to my body rather than sticking rigidly to a schedule.  It’s staying interesting and it’s working.

I’m still logging all of my food and looking forward to weighing and taking my measurements on Sunday.  Good things are a-foot!


Day 4 – Defeating Obstacles

Today was not an easy day, but I learned a lot and actually accomplished more by simply finding ways to get on with my exercise when I was not that well.  I intended to wake early and go to the gym for an hour.  I woke up and something just didn’t feel right, I was queasy, so I lay in bed for another half hour before I decided to take a pain killer for the growing pain in my stomach.

An hour later and I had missed my usual gym slot, but was feeling decidedly better.  I was determined to do something so I decided to walk as fast as I could for half an hour and so the same in the evening to make up the 1 hour exercise.  I downloaded a new app to help me track my walk pulled on my jogging bottoms and a fleece and got on with it.  App: Map My Walk.

It was cold out there but I felt great that even though I felt a bit sick I’d still exercised.  I went to work as normal, intending to do another half hour when I got home at 5.  On the way home, there was a serious accident on the motorway so I didn’t get home until nearly 8pm.  I was starving, late but again, I just got on with it after I fed myself.  The result is that I was faster in the evening than I was in the morning and so got more done in total.

Unless I’m literally bed bound and really sick, there’s always something I can do to fit my exercise in:

Day 4 Screen Capture 2


I covered 7.44 km simply walking around the city versus the usual 6.4km on the cross trainer.

I saw the city and breathed fresh (ish) air

I enjoyed myself immensely!

I’m off to fill in my food diary 🙂

Day 3 – Made it in the Morning

Things going pretty well, managed to make it to the gym first thing and put my time in. It wasn’t easy and it took a while for my brain to wake up.  Took it easy and made it there though.  I’m on my way to work, feeling good.  Exercise is done and out of the way and my food for the day is entered to my food logging app.  I’m using – great site and they have a handy app so I can log food and exercise all day long.

I forgot to take a picture of myself this morning – I’ll do one when I get in.  I am wearing a pair of trousers – bit tight but the nature of my work today meant I had to wear them.  I’m confident though, that it won’t be long before I’m able to fit into them without a squeeze.

Is it getting easier? – Yes and no.  My feet hurt, they sort of tingle when I’m on the cross trainer but I’m able to ignore it and get on.  I’m not worried about lasting the full hour, as I’ve proved I can do it. Working out in the morning for the first time in years is an achievement too.

All good – progress.

Day 2

Still here…

The intention today was to switch the workout from the evening to the morning, however didn’t get to bed until midnight and couldn’t sleep because my body – in particular my feet were too cold.  I’ve put this down to cooling myself too quickly following my workout.  So I worked out in the evening.  and am trying to get to bed early enough so my body can recover from this evening’s workout, in time to do a morning session before work.

So today I completed cardio for 1 hour.  Did well, not quite as strong as yesterday (only 204 calories burned) but the point is that I kept on and on for 1 hour.  I also got an additional 20 mins at least from walking between two venues today and walking round an exhibition.

Here’s a pic of me in my suit today – this is my “big” suit.  I’m pretty confident that if I keep going, it’ll be hanging off me come 21 days.

Camera 360

I covered another 6.3km today during the hour on the cross trainer. Feeling really good, just have to be careful to replace electrolytes during and after my workout.



Day 1

21 days from now where could I be?

weight loss before
Day 1 – Jeans uncomfortable

I want to lose 10.8lbs and get into a regular habit of exercise – I want it done by 28th March 2014.  No particular reason except I’ve booked some time off to chill – just me on my own. I don’t want to sit here in my apartment annoyed with myself for not having done what it took to get rid of the excess pounds, along with the fat looking back at me.

So there’s the reason… what’s the plan?

Eat well and exercise – 1hr of exercise every day for 21 days.  Who knows where I’ll end up if I just stick at it?  Day 1 done.  Low fat, high fibre and 1 hr on the cross trainer.

I covered 6.49k in 1 hour.

Where could you be?