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Day 9 – Back on Track

After not feeling well yesterday and most of today the temptation was to go hard and try to compensate for not being able to do my one hour exercise.  I decided to take a calm approach and as always listen to my body.  So I came in from work pulled on my joggers and trainers and decided to go for a one hour walk to start off.

The weather was gorgeous and I took a few pictures making a big loop walking at a good pace for an hour.  I felt amazing!

Came back and had a low fat snack – walkers baked crisps – got on with a few chores and then decided I wanted to try and catch back half an hour of yesterday’s ‘lost hour’ I chose my half hour route and set off this time not taking pictures.  I walked hard and got the route completed 5 minutes faster.  Again I felt really great.

Cooked some dinner – fish and veggies and I’m done for the day.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s walk.  With respect to my progress, I’m already sensing that I’m beginning to lose weight, I can see my abs starting to re-appear – yay!   My dinner was healthy, colourful, low fat and nutritious.

Day 9 Dinner Edited

I’m rearing to go at it again tomorrow.