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Day 12 – Halfway There

I’m halfway through my 21 days!!! ¬†I am loving this challenge ūüôā

It’s been a cool day today. ¬†Went out for breakfast and had a very healthy eggs benedict with ham, then came home and just chilled out. ¬†Went for an evening walk for an hour and covered 6.44 km. ¬†I love¬†being outdoors and look forward to getting my daily dose of fresh air. ¬†I don’t really feel like going back to the gym at all, but I think I should as I’ll be able to push myself harder on the cross trainer. ¬†(I have to keep my exercise low impact due to an old skiing injury to my knee, so I cannot run for long periods on the hard pavements). ¬†Tomorrow I’m going to walk in one of the city centre parks – I think I’ll reward myself with a coffee or a glass of wine.

Diet-wise I’m doing well; though I haven’t logged my calories in a couple of days as the app I’m using seems to struggle when the mobile phone signal is low. ¬†It’s been more than a bit frustrating. All in all, I’m doing a good job. ¬†Just got to get on with these assignments, from blogging 201.


Day 10 – Fully Caught Up

Determination pays off.  I walked a total of 1.5 hours today!  Doing well staying well within 30g fat daily but need to increase my fibre.

I completed 55 mins in the morning before work and then 35 mins this evening. ¬†I’ve been really busy and found it really difficult to fit the extra time for workouts in, but thank God I was strong enough to do it.

I’m seeing and feeling the difference in my body and shooting for success – a healthier, slimmer body in 21 days.

NB this blog is a bit of a work in progress. ¬†I simply HAD to do this 21 day challenge and have literally thrown it up there. ¬†I will be updating the existing posts and working on the style of the future posts so everything should begin to make much more sense. ¬†Thanks for your patience ūüôā


Day 7 – Results

Last night I intended to go on a midnight walk in the city centre, however when I mentioned I was about to leave I was advised not to. ¬†It’s Saturday night and although I don’t find my city particularly unsafe, I was reminded that there would be hoards of drunk people. ¬† Putting safety first, I agreed it was probably a bad idea.

Instead I woke early this morning and went for a 25 minute walk. ¬†I went to Church for a couple of hours ate and then decided to go for a stroll around one of the larger local parks to complete the remaining 1 hour and 35 mins. ¬†(Two days combined as I’d decided not to walk at night yesterday). ¬†It was a lovely walk and I took lots of pictures along the way – see walking pics – I made two collages of the images from the am and pm walks. I’m finally back home. ¬†Prior to my walk I had parked up my only to leave the lights on and ended up with a flat battery. ¬†Oops, not clever. ¬†I just hope it’s fine tomorrow.

Here are my results Day 1 Weight 8st 9.8lbs Day 7 Weight 8st 9.8lbs No net weight gain, but this is actually way better than the 2-4lbs I was expecting – see Day 6 post for why. ¬†I’m really encouraged that I didn’t gain weight due to monthly water retention. ¬†Only God knows why this happens to many of us females – I’m sure there’s a good reason. I also took some measurements which are actually very encouraging:

Day 1 Waist: 30 ins Day 7 Waist: 28 ins – 2 inch loss.

Day 1 Hips: 38 + 1/4 ins Day 7 Hips 37.5 ins – 3/4 inch loss.

Day 1 Thighs 20 + 1/4 ins Day 7 Thighs – 21 + 6/8 ins 1 + 5/8 ins gain.

1 Bust 32 ins Day 7 Bust 33 + 1/2 ins 1 + 1/2 inch gain.

As you can see from the results, the weight loss/ gain pattern is consistent with my body being pre-menstrual during my first week. ¬†The waist has reduced very well – 2 ins, while the thighs and bust have increased, which is quite normal for me during that week. ¬†The greatest surprise is that my hips didn’t increase also – they usually do at this time. ¬†Perhaps it’s the toning effect of the walking and the cross trainer?

I’m off to bed now. ¬†Early start tomorrow and I want to make sure I’ve got time enough to deal with any problems just in case the car doesn’t start again. ¬†Very pleased with my progress!