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Day 10 – Fully Caught Up

Determination pays off.  I walked a total of 1.5 hours today!  Doing well staying well within 30g fat daily but need to increase my fibre.

I completed 55 mins in the morning before work and then 35 mins this evening.  I’ve been really busy and found it really difficult to fit the extra time for workouts in, but thank God I was strong enough to do it.

I’m seeing and feeling the difference in my body and shooting for success – a healthier, slimmer body in 21 days.

NB this blog is a bit of a work in progress.  I simply HAD to do this 21 day challenge and have literally thrown it up there.  I will be updating the existing posts and working on the style of the future posts so everything should begin to make much more sense.  Thanks for your patience 🙂



Day 6 – Fighting Feelings

Took a nice 20 (2.57km) min walk after work yesterday and felt great.  Total mins of exercise: 70.  So that’s 10 mins more than my daily goal.

I am not sure I will actually lose any weight this week – I can see that I look a little better in my work clothes, however I picked the ‘worst’ week to start my 21 day course.  If you’re a woman or you are close with a woman and you’re reading this, you’ll you know the week I’m talking about! I tend to gain anything between 2 and 4 1/2lbs during that week, regardless of my diet or exercise.  I remember one occasion 3 years ago when I weighed myself before and after my evening workout. 1hour after the workout I’d gained 3/4lb… I went to bed and by the morning I had gained 4lbs.  I was horrified and gutted, however I realised it was simply water retention.  I’ve observed this happens most months to varying degrees, but things return to normal not long after.

So yeah – I pretty much know I’ll have gained at least 2 or as much as 4 1/2 lbs heavier even though I’ve worked so hard this week.  To be honest, I’d not be giving it much thought if I wasn’t writing this blog because I know my body well in that respect but it’s tempting to feel a bit stupid because I’m putting it all out there on the internet.  I know this is just silly talk – but we all want to look successful especially when broadcasting ourselves to the entire world.  Even if this is just the internet, this is still me behind this monitor.  I’d blatantly rather see success in all senses tomorrow when I post my first week’s results.  

I need to:

  1. Get today’s exercise done and
  2. Turn my mental frown upside down

So today I’ve decided to do a 1 hour midnight walk and take a few pics as I’m walking just to take my mind of the fact I’m not gong to do so well in the weight loss aspect of my mission and simply enjoy the fact I’m alive, I’m healthy and I’m doing my best to have a better life.  Hopefully I’ll have some lovely pictures to post to this blog when I return.


I believe there’s definitely more to life than numbers on the dial of a scale; I just don’t feel it right now.